Establishing Chyatralaya of Ahmadnagar

When the British Govt. became aware of the activities related to freedom struggle inside the campus,  it banned the school. However when Shri Balasaheb Kher came into power, they revoked the ban, and ordered that whatever the machinery and allied materials seized by govt. should be returned to the school. By this event, the entire social environment changed and the public celebrated the occasion in a great manner. After this, in a short period of time, a Chyatralaya (Hostel) was established, aiming to extend facilities to student who were pursuing education. Late Ratnam Pillai was the rector of this hostel. In Ahmednagar district, to educate the depressed and poor people, local boards president of that time, renowned Advocate Comrade Abasaheb Kakade Alias Jagannath Kanhoji Kakade played major role. He and his colleagues collected grains from small villages of Shevgaon taluka for Chhatralaya which was a very difficult task. Hostel was being run without Government Aid. With this facility, many students from the poor and depressed class were able to take training and learning in the campus.


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  • आबासाहेब काकडे शैक्षणिक समुहाच्या "जनशक्ती (बँकिंग) इन्स्टिट्यूट,अहमदनगर"आयोजित IBPS (आय,बी,पी,एस.- बॅंक पी.ओ.), विविध बँकांच्या-SBI,CBI,Co-Op Banks, स्टाफ सिलेक्शन कमिशन,रेल्वे, विमा कंपन्या यांच्या विविध पदांवरील भरती प्रशिक्षण साठी प्रवेश सुरु .

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