To provide the educational and social facilities to the depressed for their social and educational development. To work hard for stopping their exploitation and discrimination. To struggle for providing them equal opportunity of progress and status in society.

To establish and to run Pre – primary, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary School and Colleges . To create more educational facilities for depressed. To encourage them for seeking educational and provide them free educational.

To develop and to run all the job oriented educational programs and courses such as D.Ed. , B.Ed. Journalism, drawing, painting and craft etc.

To establish and to run the medical schools and institutions along with health centers and hospitals.

To provide books , notebooks uniforms and institutions along with health centers and hospitals.

To make the financial arrangements for the depressed pupils. To give the financial aids to the pupils for their present education as well as for their higher education in future.

To establish and to run the different hostels an boarding's. To start and to run the different hostels, boargdings and Ashramshalas for the development of the depressed students.

To honour the bright students , who belong to the depressed class by feliciting them awards and prizes.

To establish and to run the well developed library and to encourage the students to take advantages of the library. To provide them books without charging any fees.

To keep the buildings of Schools , Colleges, Hostels, Boardings and Ashramshalas in a good condition. To maintain to repair and to furnish them regularly.

To establish gymkhanan for creating interest among sports and games. To starts various courses in the sports, games, physical exercises and martial arts. to arrange different, sports and games competition. To provide sports facilities and playground for development of vaious games. To give training of sports and games to the girls for becoming them fearless. For achieving the above goal to arrange camps and seminars. To establish hostels for working women. To starts different courses in the field of computer and information technology. To take notice of brave and outstanding personalities in society.

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